the name

a native american fable

Long ago a great Sugar Maple stood in the middle of the forest.

In time the Great Maple was beset by grubs and burrowing insects.

The Great Sugar Maple called out to Bear, Horse and wolf, but none would help.

Bird came along and said that he could help. 

Bird invited his cousins and they worked night and day until every grub and insect was eaten. 

Sugar Maple thanked Bird and his cousins. 

Many years later there was a great drought. Many animals suffered. 

Bird visited his old friend Sugar Maple. 

Sugar Maple, remembering Bird’s kindness said: “Go to my trunk and make a hole. Drink from my sap.”


Bird did as Sugar Maple asked, carefully carving a hole. He drank until his thirst was slaked.

And it was from Bird that we learned the Sugar Maple can be tapped for its sacred sap.


And that is the Bird we call


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