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Bold. Sour. Bitter

Sacré Zero Proof


Maple, Re-imagined

Sacré blends fermented and bourbon barrel-aged maple with coffee and botanicals, crafting a rich, umami symphony: Tangy, earthy, spicy, with a touch of bitter and sweet. Alcohol-free, these bold flavors will ignite your senses.

What others are saying about Sacré



Wine and Spirits Holiday 2023 Non-Alcoholic Spirits: Top 25

"Sacré Made in Vermont with organic maple syrup and coffee, this ages in Bourbon barrels and offers a savory, complex spirit. There is a slight apple-cider vinegar component that gives it the piquancy of alcohol, and the lush texture and rich coffee flavors make it great for an espresso Martini."

Seven Days VT

Sevenfifty Daily: Meet the New Generation of Nonalcoholic Spirits. How a Growing number of producers are creating a range of ethonol-free spirits that ain to achieve textural complexity...

SevenFifty Daily

" A combination of maple vinegar, maple syrup, and coffee, Sacré contains complex dark tones that give it an amaro feel..."

NYT Wirecutter

"Taking a small sip is like throwing back a tequila shot or diving into a freezing pool: It’s a full-body experience, a shock, a thrill, something you want to never do again and yet can’t get enough of."



"Unlike many of the non-alcoholic brands on the market that seek to replicate a more familiar drinking experience—e.g., non-alcoholic gin—Sacré is truly unlike anything else I have ever tasted. It’s made by fermenting organic maple syrup in bourbon barrels with shade-grown coffee. It sounds weird, and it is, but we can’t get enough of the stuff."

Rachael Ray In Season “Spiritless Is More: Four New Alcohol-Free Spirits That Are Shaking Up The Mocktail World.”

Rachael Ray

In Season

"Made by a husband-and-husband duo on a maple syrup farm in Vermont, this tangy, earthy spirit contains fair-trade coffee and fermented syrup aged in bourbon barrels."


No Mixers Required

We wanted SACRÉ to be delicious, right out of the bottle. Perfect for when you want a quick, easy, but complex non-alcoholic mocktail. Mixologists love it too. Add some complexity to your mocktails and cocktails today.

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