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The Story of Us

(And more)

Who created SACRÉ?

Woodnose was founded by husband and husband team Justin & Roger

Justin was born and raised in Fairfield, Vermont. His family is a 6th generation Vermont Maple Producer. The primary ingredient in SACRÉ, fermented maple syrup, is produced by our family on our farm in Northern Vermont. Roger was raised in Hawaii. His father is a 25 year U.S.A.F. veteran. Roger enlisted in the Air Force as well, serving in Alaska and California. SACRÉ was born out of Justin and Roger's desire to elevate maple from its humble origins.


How is SACRÉ made?

It begins with 100% organic maple syrup

We use our own maple ingredients, produced on our Vermont sugarbush. We are passionate about sustainable, and ethically farming our 4000+ acre maple orchard. Organic maple farming means much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers. 


We ferment our maple syrup using an heirloom mother of vinegar. The fermentation process is completed in bourbon barrels and takes over a year to complete.

We blend the aged, fermented maple with artisanal coffee and fresh maple syrup....but why is it so FOAMY? We think it's a naturally occurring result of the aged maple reacting with the fresh maple syrup. Shake it good and hard and you'll see what we mean!


What about the coffee?

The coffee is sourced from a family-owned business

Fermented maple syrup alone doesn't have the right mouthfeel or lasting flavor desired from a complex beverage. Coffee seemed like the perfect, albeit unusual pairing.

One of the best things about having such a large, close-knit family is that help is always available. We're especially lucky to have access to some of the best coffee we've ever tasted! "Coffee Coffee" is repeatedly voted Harford County, Maryland's BEST "your go-to spot for freshly roasted coffee, tea and foodie products, breakfast and lunch, unique gifts, and gift baskets."


When formulating the coffee aspect for our beverage Coffee Coffee was an indispensable source of information regarding brewing techniques, coffee beans, and flavor. In fact, it's where we ultimately sourced the beans we use for our coffee! We're pleased to call our beverage 100% family made.


What else can you tell me about SACRÉ?

Our maple syrup is organic, and the coffee is fair trade and shade grown

Shade-grown coffee is environmentally responsible and is known to taste better, too. Shade-grown coffee requires little or no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. 

Our maple syrup farm is Audubon certified, and 100% solar powered!

We take great pride in earning Audubon recognition for farming our maple in a "Bird-friendly" way. We actively promote a diverse habitat for native and nesting birds. We think the quality shows.

We are passionate about sustainable, and ethically farming our 4000+ acre maple orchard. Organic maple farming means much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers. 

The tubing used to carry sap to the sugarhouse, where the sap is boiled down, cannot damage the trees in any way. This means that nailing any sort of hardware into the tree trunk cannot be used. In addition, the typical conventional practice of using toxic paint to mark trees cannot be used. Great care must be taken to protect trees from overtapping. Toxic chemicals are forbidden during the boiling process. Our sugarhouse must also be free of toxic cleaners.

Where did the name come from?

A Native American Fable

Long ago a great Sugar Maple stood in the middle of the forest.

In time the Great Maple was beset by grubs and burrowing insects.

The Great Sugar Maple called out to Bear, Horse and wolf, but none would help.

Bird came along and said that he could help. 

Bird invited his cousins and they worked night and day until every grub and insect was eaten. 

Sugar Maple thanked Bird and his cousins. 

Many years later there was a great drought. Many animals suffered. 

Bird visited his old friend Sugar Maple. 

Sugar Maple, remembering Bird’s kindness said: “Go to my trunk and make a hole. Drink from my sap.”


Bird did as Sugar Maple asked, carefully carving a hole. He drank until his thirst was slaked.

And it was from Bird that we learned the Sugar Maple can be tapped for its sacred sap.


And that is the Bird we call WOODNOSE.

Sacré and the Native American Fable
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