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Los Angeles Spirit Awards 2021 GOLD Medal

Take A Journey Into Flavor​

Introducing SACRÉ, a mysteriously flavored non-alcoholic aperitif unlike any other. Made in Vermont!

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Maple, Re-imagined

SACRÉ offers a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. We ferment our organic syrup using a generations-old technique, made possible by a heritage, vinegar “mother”. We age our fermented maple in bourbon barrels, combine with Fair Trade shade grown coffee, spices and botanicals. The result is intense, slightly sour, “full-body experience” (Anna Perling, Wirecutter, “The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks”).

It's as easy as Shake. Pour. Chill.


Low cost shipping anywhere in the U.S.

✦ Made in Vermont on a small family farm

✦ Fair Trade shade-grown artisanal coffee

✦ Organic

✦ Vegan

✦ Gluten free

✦ Sustainably farmed

✦ Low calorie, low sugar

✦ Low caffeine (11mg of caffeine per 3oz serving, similar to green tea)

What others are saying about Sacré


Rachael Ray In Season “Spiritless Is More: Four New Alcohol-Free Spirits That Are Shaking Up The Mocktail World.”

"Made by a husband-and-husband duo on a maple syrup farm in Vermont, this tangy, earthy spirit contains fair-trade coffee and fermented syrup aged in bourbon barrels."

Rachael Ray In Season “Spiritless Is More: Four New Alcohol-Free Spirits That Are Shaking Up The Mocktail World.”

" A combination of maple vinegar, maple syrup, and coffee, Sacré contains complex dark tones that give it an amaro feel..."

Sevenfifty Daily: Meet the New Generation of Nonalcoholic Spirits. How a Growing number of producers are creating a range of ethonol-free spirits that ain to achieve textural complexity...

Sacré answers the question, “What would maple taste like without the sweetness?” Designed to be sipped alone, this nonalcoholic product is intense..."

Atlanta Journal Constitution: 3 new non-alcoholic spirits for your home bar

All in all you have a mysterious brand new flavor!

Jan M.

This is maple that is earthy, dry and not at all sweet, with a little tanginess, and the barnyard funk of a natural wine.

Angela H.

From the nose experience to the first sip, to the lingering effect on my palate, I feel like I've gone on a flavor journey!

Michael B.

Thats just WEIRD.

Erin C.


No Mixers Required

We wanted SACRÉ to be delicious, right out of the bottle. Perfect for when you want a quick, easy, but complex non-alcoholic mocktail. Mixologists love it too. Add some complexity to your mocktails and cocktails today.

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